Lim residence is a courtyard house for a multi-generation family. Sited at a sloping hillside of Penang island in Malaysia, our approach was to integrate and nestle the house into the tropical landscape. The built form presents a humble single storey timber structure to the street and becoming two storey at rear as the site slopes away. Upon entering the house, a generous courtyard for family gatherings is within sight. We wanted the family to embrace the outdoor living lifestyle and educate the young ones about the nature. The living areas wraps around the courtyard allowing various activities to coexist. As one traverses through the house, the view opens out towards the rural townscape of Penang. Tucked underneath the street level and half sunken in ground, we find spaces of intimate living and a private backyard for the family to retreat into their own sanctuary. 

Lim House is about ‘bringing the family together’.